POC comments and feedback to USGBC Part A Enhancement and Part B Guidance 2016

The Program Operator Consortium (POC), with the help of its Technical Advisory Board (TAB), responded to USGBC’s call for comments on their Part A Enhancement and Part B Guidance. We invite you to contact us to let us know your thoughts on our response:

Download: POC/TAB response to USGBC guidance

How the response was created
This document was initially created by doing a gap analysis of what was in our Part A vs. what was in the USGBC guidance. That gap analysis was sent to the TAB so they could comment on topics they hadn’t previously addressed. Then the TAB met to have a group discussion about the high priority comments and later voted on issues which weren’t resolved during that call. The response was edited according to everyone’s comments and votes, and it was recirculated for final approval from the TAB and POC members.

Objectives and intent aligned
Our objectives and intent are aligned. USGBC and the POC are working to provide more guidance, increase the number of EPDs, improve quality, and develop tools; the thing we’re most impressed with is the benchmarking guidance, which is being considered for adoption into Part A 2017.

Key feedback
Our message to USGBC can be paraphrased as: Don’t stipulate the use of one program operator’s program or require additional content that doesn’t support users’ needs. Let’s work together to write guidance applicable to all program operators and their programs. Table 1 summarizes our recommendations.

Table 1: Key feedback from POC response to USGBC guidance

Current status
We are currently reviewing our comments with USGBC, we plan to integrate guidance that we find additional and valuable, and we will only include updates to our program that helps meet our goals.

Download our response and contact us to let us know your thoughts.