Webinar – It’s ready! Announcing new guidance for creating product group benchmarks to make EPDs comparable

12/19/2017 – On Tuesday, December 19, Terry Swack and Kim Lewis (Sustainable Minds) discussed a standardized way to make EPDs comparable. This new document provides detailed guidelines, process examples and tools for creating a Benchmarking Addendum to a PCR. The addendum includes not only the additional rules needed to create an industry-wide EPD for use as a credible product group benchmark; it also includes how manufacturers can use it to make comparative claims.

This benchmarking guidance standardizes the creation of industry-wide EPDs to:

  • Create product group benchmarks to which manufacturers’ product-specific EPDs can be compared; these EPDs can then be used to demonstrate business advantage and differentiation
  • Encourage more manufacturers to do LCAs of their products by providing for continual participation; not limiting the ability to compare to only manufacturers who participated in the initial industry-wide EPD
  • Set goals for improvement over time to reduce the greatest impacts in all categories by life cycle stage
  • Make it possible to achieve the LEED v4 MR credit: Building product disclosure and optimization – environmental product declarations: option 2, by comparing product-specific EPDs to the benchmark

Click here for a pdf of the deck.