Webinar – New Benchmarking Guidance: Making EPDs Comparable

07/18/2017 – On Tuesday, July 18, Erin McDade (Architecture 2030), James Bogdan (NRMCA), and Kim Lewis (Sustainable Minds) discussed the:

  • Predicted impacts of the built environment and the 2030 Challenge for Products
  • Benefits of industry average EPDs and benchmarking
  • Process and tools for creating industry average EPDs for benchmarking, establishing improvement goals and enabling comparisons
  • Lessons from an organization that got started – process, learnings and outcomes

To comment on the draft benchmarking guidance discussed in this webinar, please visit https://programoperators.org/public-comment-benchmarking-guidance/ for instructions.

To download this presentation, click here.

We invite all participants in the product transparency process to watch the webinar replay and encourage you to be a proponent of simplification and standardization to deliver more useful and valuable environmental reporting tools.