Webinar: A simpler & standardized 2-part PCR program

09/21/2016 – On Wednesday, September 21 the Program Operator Consortium presented a simpler and standardized 2-part PCR program.

Learn about what’s in the Framework and how it’s maintained. POC members are working to align around a common foundation of LCA calculation rules and report requirements and follow a structured PCR development model to produce standardized Type III environmental declarations with a choice of format and delivery – an EPD or an SM Transparency Report™ (Sustainable Minds’s brand of EPD delivered in the cloud).

The Framework is maintained by a persistent Technical Advisory Board who ensures the program is current with industry standards and reviews each PCR to ensure consistency and completeness. All stakeholders in the PCR development process benefit – especially LCA providers – from one simpler and standardized approach for North America.

Why the Consortium? With the proliferation of program operators, complex reporting requirements and an increased demand for these services, our members recognized the value of pooling resources, jointly conducting outreach, education and communications and promoting the overall use of PCRs, LCAs and EPDs in the marketplace.

We invite all participants in the product transparency process to watch the webinar replay and encourage you to be a proponent of simplification and standardization to deliver more useful and valuable environmental reporting tools.